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Essential Tips For Designing a New Commercial Fitout
If you have an open space in your office, you might be considering designing a fitout in order to accommodate multiple workstations and separate offices for management and executives. Here are some tips to have an attractive, yet functional workspace. Design the Fitout to Reduce Noise Distraction Many new commercial fitout designs open up the workspace to […]
How to Avoid Commercial Fit-Out Pitfalls
When a business rents a space and determines that a commercial ‘fit out’ is needed to make the space usable for their business, there are many aspects to consider. First and foremost is to analyze what other similar businesses have done in terms of space, quality and visibility.  It is imperative to remember that you […]
8 Must-know Trends in Office Fitouts
Even though technology makes it easy for office workers to stay in touch with colleagues virtually, face-to-face interaction in the work setting is still prized. Many innovative ideas are born and refined not only during scheduled meetings but also at impromptu gatherings. So, while workstations are being slimmed down in number and size, space for […]