Our Credentials

We have been professionally designing and building an array of interiors with sustainability and the environment in mind for many years. Our focus is on a number of factors including material minimisation via initiatives like adaptive re-use of materials, proper energy management and minimising waste.

We currently deploy a number of different strategies in lieu of our environmental policies one of which is the selection of using products from recycled materials, smart tech and solar energy. All of which help improve the environmental efficiency of your office.

We have invested a great deal of time and money into researching the environmental impact of various types of interiors which allows us to outline precisely which kinds of changes will be the most environmentally friendly.

We always recommend environmentally friendly products to our clients. As professionals, we have a responsibility to the environment and a role to play in its sustainability. We always choose products from local suppliers as our first priority and especially those who manufacture and sell with the environment in mind.

We take every step possible to improve our office space to ensure that it’s carbon footprint is the lowest it can be.

We believe that by keeping sustainability and the ‘green’ movement in mind its possible for businesses to benefit exponentially both commercially and environmentally. We have cleared away most of the complexities associated with working on building solutions to ensure that the process is smooth, easy and cost effective for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Green FAQ's

We practice what we preach, and as such, every aspect of our operations is environmentally friendly.
Not in our experience in most cases. We take many steps to mitigate the cost impact when implementing environmentally sustainable solutions.
Yes, it is! Any and all design choices you finalise is documented and incorporated into the contract.
Indeed it is! A sheer lack of fresh air means that there is a buildup of pollutants inside to levels which may have a serious health impact on everyone. So, natural ventilation is critical.
All materials tend to have their own specific pros and cons. But some have a larger negative impact on the environment. However, we try to prioritise recycled above natural whenever possible.
We seperate and then recycle 70% of the waste, so it does not end up in a landfill. Though we are hard at work to ensure that it is 100%.
All codes are in connection with an office’s energy consumption and the well being of those working inside. So, the choice of what materials to use is up to us entirely.
We spend 90% of our time inside of an office. So, it stands to reason that we pay attention to the indoor environment and its effects on our wellbeing.
You should build way less than most do. If anything, this has the most significant impact on the environment. Plus it costs less too.
Things are changing that’s for sure. There are an increasing number of businesses that are now considering the environmental impact of their decisions. So, we are hopeful for a green future.