Our team of project managers are assigned to oversee every part of your project. They will oversee its quality OH&S as well as timing. They are responsible for liaising with the subcontractors, manufacturing and overlooking corporate design. So, you can be assured that we will exceed your expectations with every office fitout project.

Each project manager is responsible for initiating, planning, controlling and executing an office fitout so that it is completed within the stipulated time and is delivered on budget.

From the initial stages to the interior design and final handover we ensure that your experience is essentially hassle-free.

Contact us for high-quality office fitouts at: 03 9088 0443

We oversee all aspects of your project:

Our planning and execution can be encompassed in the following steps:

  • The initial scoping
  • Designing the interior
  • Costing analysis
  • Pre-construction
  • Finally construction
  • Commissioning

Our professionals will ensure that your project is completed within budget. We build and handle everything. So, whether it is restructuring the interior design, ensuring timing or determining buildability into the final plans we are your one-stop solution.

Every project manager is in a position to provide the required expertise to the project on site. They are backed by an ISO accredited system which includes Quality Management System ISO9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and OHS As4801.

A project manager is tasked with:

  • Scheduling and programming of the project
  • Providing all the required program information to the subcontractors
  • Managing related issues
  • Accounts and administration
  • Ensuring that specifications and minor details are adhered to
  • Coordinating the required deliveries
  • Budgeting and costing

Safety Our Top Priority

OHS AS4801 assures everyone that we maintain a high level of OH&S standards throuout our projects. This same level of safety is even evident in-house with our OH&S systems in place. We incorporate a number of safety controls across each process including the following:

  • Hazard control
  • Reporting incidents
  • Manual handling
  • Onsite induction programs and a kit for the subcontractors
  • Investigation
  • Back to work policies
  • Feedback and regular training