Unleashing the potential of your vision

You probably have a fairly good idea of what the office should look like, but the question is how do you bring it to life? We will work closely with you throughout the design phase to understand what you want. Our goal is to incorporate every aspect of your vision while contemplating the practical aspects of each part.

We explore all possibilities and cover every aspect of your business’s needs to ensure that the design perfectly suits what everyone does. The final design is aesthetic, functional and obviously practical.

The initial visit

We love to meet you at your office which makes it easier to visualise how everything should look while understanding your needs. We listen to every aspect of your vision while listing all your needs, all the while asking critical questions and providing a few of our ideas. The goal is to maximise your budget in every possible way.


The best way to ensure that the designs we come up meet the goal set out is to understand your requirements. These can range from the number of required office rooms to lighting, cabling, electrical points and data centres.


Once we have an in-depth understanding of your overall requirements, we will start to plan things out. The planning phase mainly has us figuring out what is and isn’t possible. We also take heritage overlays and other aspects of outfitting into consideration. If required we also help with acquiring permits and liaising with stakeholders.

Creating the space

Our interior designers and architects work to create the space we have envisioned. Everything from colour palettes to floor plans and final finishes is chosen at this stage. We generate 3D renders which allow you to see exactly how the space will look when finished.