Project Management Services

We provide custom project management services which are tailored to each part of the design meant to meet your fitout needs and ensure a smooth flow.

Our team will professionally manage your retail, medical or business office outfit. As a matter of fact, with our management, you could even end up saving some money on your construction budget which can be used elsewhere. Plus, our in-house design and project management team is led by experts who are focused on driving results within your required timeframe and budget.

What separates us from the rest?

  • You don’t have to deal with any head contractors – We deal with the contractors directly and eliminate the middleman hence saving you money that would otherwise be spent on them.
  • We will do both small and large projects ranging from 100 sqm to 1000sqm – We get the same rates from our contractors regardless of size so here too you save money.
  • We provide regular and detailed reports of progress.
  • You have a regular and fulltime project manager on site.
  • Controlling the reporting and budgeting.
  • We provide weekly reports on all government projects.
  • We provide Landlord and Authorities Liaison
  • We have experience ensuring that everything that’s done is stipulated under a single contract.


As professionals in this industry, we know that the work environment is constantly evolving. So, whether it is your office space, a retail store, a medical centre or some other type of business, it needs to have the capacity to accommodate all the current technology. We help customers upgrade their existing workplace so that it meets all the modern-day standards of productivity.

Clients are provided with all the latest refurbishment options that are both cost effective as well as satisfy the practicality and aesthetic need of their office. We also offer a full location fitout, whereby you are provided with all the required equipment to operate successfully.

Budget and costing

When it comes to project management one of the most important aspects of making a fitout work is to ensure that it stays within budget. So, to achieve this often tricky feat, we continue to conduct a detailed analysis of the costs and forecast potential expenses. This allows us to then determine how it will affect the project’s cost until its completion.

To help you make the right decision we provide the following:

  • We will provide both floor plans as well as a detailed cost analysis on each shortlisted property
  • We also hold a tender process with three contractors for each category
  • We manage both fixed priced projects and open book ones
  • Our costing provides a detailed price list of each component required for the fitout
  • The budget is all inclusive with no fine print at the bottom

We do the following during the development phase:

  • All clients receive weekly reports with deliverables for each week
  • You receive photographs of the site
  • Meetings onsite with the main contractors
  • A site folder with the establishment and OH&S reports
  • The invoicing is based the progress on site and contains a detailed breakdown
  • You also get all the budget control sheets

Managing various types of Fitouts

When it comes office fitouts perhaps the most important thing is to ensure that the results are delivered on time and within the specified budget. Our project managers will oversee every aspect of the project in addition to guiding the adherence fo the whole project. Regardless of location, office strip, refurbishment unit or any other factor we will manage the fitout.

Medical fitout Management

The healthcare industry is perhaps one of the most important and so there a few things that need to be considered with a fitout. The health and technical requirements are of prime importance. Thus, during the management phase, we will consider your specific needs for every specialist practitioner. Plus, thanks to our secure processes in place we ensure that the process is safe.

Retail and shopfitting Project Management

Our retail project management ensures that your store’s design is followed through consistently along with your brand’s goals. We guarantee that your project is managed efficiently right up to the very end. The processes we manage include acquiring approvals, and ensuring that each aspect of the design is accurately implement.

Council Approval

Our goal is to make sure that every aspect of the designed follows through with the rules and regulations set forth by the local council. Whether it is a medical, retail or commercial space, we will move ahead with all the required certificates, permits and assessments. All of which will effectively pave the way to a smooth fitout which is imperative to successful project management.

Lease negotiations and market analysis

We work with your best interest in mind. We will provide you with detailed market analysis in addition to research backed insights for each aspect of the project. All of which will help when negotiating your lease. We may also be able to help you get lease incentives during negotiations.

Grant finance and applications

If you want to start a fitout process of your own but don’t have the funds, we can still help you. The Australian Government has grants that can be used by businesses in the health services industry, but the process is complicated. Though with our assistance we can develop a solid proposal which will help with a successful application.