Office Refurbishment Services

We help you save money on relocation by refurbishing the existing office.

The fact is that getting your office refurbished or re-designed may not offer all the benefits of moving to a new office. But it does away with the inconvenience and cost associated with it. Though if its more space that you need our redesign will help make more of it for better collaboration zones, breakout areas etc. Plus, we will ensure that your staff feels positive which in turn boosts productivity by ensuring that the design is aesthetic as well as practical.

The entire process of re-designing or refurbishing an office is a lot like how our service works for a new office space, but we take the following into special consideration:


A lot of special planning

It can without a doubt be a challenge to run your business with all the hustle and bustle of a construction project taking place. However, with our experience on many similar projects, we know just how to tackle this problem. We plan ahead and put contingencies in place for more contingencies to ensure that things are planned out for every possibility.


No need to halt business

We guarantee that you can continue doing business because without this guarantee refurbishing your present space does not make much sense. All work is usually scheduled for after business hours and over the weekend. So, we start working when your staff stops.


Always connected and online

It will come as no surprise to most businesses that some refurbishment projects require upgrades, repairs and additions to the IT system. As a matter of fact, it’s a great time to carry out this type of work. We will maintain continuity of service throughout the refurbishment while making room for planned downtime for the computer network.


Save on your energy bill

Office refurbishment is a great time to work on ways to mitigate electrical leaks and improve efficiency. Things like LEDs, a more power efficient air conditioning units and other power saving devices can be installed during the refurbishment. So, with renovation, you can take the opportunity to save a few dollars off the energy bill.

Give your furniture a new life

Yes! A great time to go green and save money too. Even though interior designers like to start with a blank sheet, i.e. start with new furniture. Though professional interior designers can work with just about any type of furniture to make it look better and updated. Whether it is your kitchen, meeting table or workstations, they can all be refreshed, and you save money in the process too.


Committing to safety

We believe in a safe working environment for everyone. Just as we like to protect our team, we have safety guidelines for your staff. We run through a complex series of processes that require expertise and planning to ensure that your work staff are always protected when our professionals are working. Periodic safety briefings for both teams ensure that everyone understands what they should and shouldn’t be doing hence keeping everyone safe.